Monday, December 4, 2017


Date: 12-04-2017
Companion: Sister James
Area: Portland Stake, Sunnyside Ward

Sorry for my language.

Sorry that I didn't write an email last week! Everything was real crazy, and I didn't have time to write anything!

I got transferred to the Sunnyside ward in Portland. And it's literally so much fun! The first day we were here we pulled around the corner and this guy was in a pikachu costume with no pants on. #KeepPortlandWeird. my new companion is Sister James and we've already had too much fun for one transfer and it hasn't even been a week yet.

I'm still in a biking area and I cannot for the life of me, understand why my last area was a car share, and this area is a full biking. This area is HUGE. and has so many hills. If y'all thought I complained a lot about biking in my last area get ready for THE STORM. Speaking of the storm, it's like -27474 degrees here and we're getting into winter so it's SOGGY. #pray4sunnyside

If you don't know what I'm talking about please go to and watch the #LIGHTtheWORLD video. It's about spreading Jesus Christ's light to all of his children by serving everyone! There's a different service every day leading up to Christmas. During these services, I've seen lots of tender mercies from the Lord and I'm super grateful for it. The first day, we decided to give out Christmas ornaments to everyone we saw. At first when we decided to do this I felt super stupid about it. But I decided to try it anyway. The first person we tried to give them to told us no and walked away. Lol. But the more people we talked to the more we have away. We gave them out as we were walking to someone's apartment. Turns out the person who we were looking for wasn't there but Angela was. She actually had friends who were LDS and she was down to meet with us and learn more. I think God answers our prayers in ways that we don't always understand. That if we show Him we're trying, He will bring us success because we are trying to do Him will. The other thing we did was give out free hot chocolate and I think I lot of people were skeptical at first, but as we talked with more and more people you could see the light appear in their eyes and it was so much fun to be able to help God.

Also the enabling power of the atonement is real and we only had to ride bikes twice since I've been here, and I know God is watching out for me because I'm a weakling and can't do anything. But it's okay because God helps those who need help.

Also, there's this little girl who is the daughter of a less active member we teach and she calls us the misserionies and I think that's the nicest name I've ever been called on my mission and it's so much fun here.

Brothers and Sisters GOD IS SO REAL. He answers prayers! Even if He waits a while to do it. He might wait because He wants you to remember His mercy, but He does answer prayers! I'm so grateful for Him and His kindness and His love for all of us! Please spread that love this Christmas season. Remember every one is someone's child. Even Gods child.


- Sister Hansen

P.S. New Address:
8800 SE Causey Loop. #K203
Happy Valley, OR 97086-8527

1&2: the end of lake village homies😢
3. I ❤ the samaniegos
4. Brb just had to change a bike tire

Another Ones Bites the Dust

Date: 11-20-2017
Companion: Hermana Judkins
Area: Vancouver East Stake, Fairway Village Ward


Lots happened this week! We biked a lot and my entire body hurts! But! As we were coming into an apartment complex I recognized a worker there who was a member from my first ward I asked him who we should go to. He gave us a sarcastic answer and laughed. We knocked a door, looking for someone who didn't answer. The member comes walking around the corner again and tells us about someone there who used to take the lessons. They weren't in our areabook so we decided to stop by and SIG-LINDA IS DOWN!!!! She totally wants to learn more! Please pray for her!

All I can say is that I have the strongest testimony in our Savior Jesus Christ. We had an opportunity finally sit and have a lesson with someone and teach them about the plan of salvation. I know that Jesus Christ loves us all. I know that He wants to help us as much as possible. Just let Him in!

I hope y'all have a great thanksgiving.

P.s. don't ride your bike with a flat tire. It's not fun. It makes it a lot harder. And your legs feel like jelly.

P.s.s. Hermana is a pal and I love her but she goes home on Monday this has got to stop I swear.

P.p.s. I don't have anything else to say except


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

I didn't realize how many of y'all would get married so quick. Holy hot dang!

Date: 11-13-2017
Companion: Hermana Judkins
Area: Vancouver East Stake, Fairway Village Ward

This week in the life of Sister Hansen


Facebook: amazing tool, but holy cow everyone's profile pictures. Y'all and your weddings. Someone tell me when Jenna, Joely, Kaylee, Mitchell, or Jaden gets married. Someone else tell Jeremy I say congrats. Lol.

This week i had a couple of really good studies.

1. Jacob 5. I know I know. Some people look at this like the best chapter in the world and some look at it like it's the worst. But holy hot dang it definitely shows us how much Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father love us, and what we can do in order to receive JOY!!!! Long story short, the mast of the vineyard (Jesus Christ) says 8 times something along the lines of "it grieveth me that I should lose these trees" (us/the children of God, being the trees). 8 times!!!! Throughout the chapter. They truly love us so much and they want all of us to return to them. Then the master goes to work in the vineyard with his servants. He is working so hard to make sure that His trees don't produce bad fruit! He wants all of our success! And our happiness! And he's working right along side us to make sure that we have that success and happiness! And he invites his servants to work with him, in which he promises them that if they work diligently that they will have joy in all the fruit that is produced. I know that when we work hard we can truly enjoy the fruits of our labor, and God will give us many fruits.

2. John 3:16-17. Being on a mission and hearing lots of people's thoughts on who Jesus Christ is actually makes me kind of sad because there is such a misconception about who He is and what His purpose on the earth is. But Jesus Christ did not come to the earth to just preach to people. To condemn them. To tell them to shape up and fix themselves. Jesus Christ came to this earth to take on the sins of the world. To take on everything we have felt. To make sure that we knew God loved us, and that there will always be a way that we can return to God if we just choose to follow Jesus Christ. He made it so we could over come spiritual and physical death. He preached to us while He was here. But he did so much more than just read/produce scripture. HE GAVE US JOY!!!!!

3. The last thing I learned hit me pretty hard, and i definitely needed it. I read a talk and i have absolutely no idea who wrote it or where it came from but it talks about faith. The thing that stuck out to me was getting ride of doubt and having faith in what the Lord might be putting us through at the moment. Laman and Lemuel would begin to complain and murmur because of all the trials that they went through, yet Nephi went through all the same things without complaining. It was because Nephi had so much faith in the Lord that His willingness to do the things the Lord commanded didn't depend on miracles, or rewards for his previous works. He sat down and went to work no matter what was happening. ALL BECAUSE HE HAD TRUMENDOUS FAITH IN OUR LORD AND REDEEMER JESUS CHRIST!!! It made me think "do I have faith in Jesus Christ? Or the miracles? Am I only willing to do something if I see miracles for doing it?" That's not why we're here on the earth right now. We're not here to see miracles and refuse to do anything until we see them. We're here on this earth to prove to Jesus Christ that we have enough faith in Him that we'll follow Him and His commandments whether we see miracles or not.

This is definitely something that I've struggled with. Sometimes I feel as though when I don't see the miracles that whatever it is that I'm doing, isn't actually worth doing. But as I read this talk I felt the spirit and I know that it's true. That if we follow Jesus Christs regardless of the miracles, or lack thereof, that Jesus Christ will be so happy because of what we are doing, and it will truly be the right thing to do, and whether we see them in this life, or the next, I know we will see them.

I know that Jesus Christ lives and loves each and every one of us. I know that He has asked us to do one simple thing and that is to follow Him. I know that as we do, no matter what happens, that He will make everything worth it in the end. Thank you all so much for everything that you do! I appreciate your testimonies and your prayers!❤


- Sister Emma Hansen

1 & 2. The only difference between 7 months ago and now is the amount of weight we've both gained.(':
3. ✌😚 when in doubt peace and pout
4. Thanks Aunt Myrna and Uncle Glen!
5. Gus, I got some pineapples. Don't worry.

All of the Sister Hansens

Date: 11-06-17
Companion: Hermana Judkins
Area: Vancouver East Stake, Fairway Village Ward

Hello hello everyone! All is well here in the Fairway Village ward!
Something I studied this week that I really liked was Mosiah 23 in the Book of Mormon. So good! Please read. Alma and his people are in the wilderness, and they see the lamanite people coming, and they start to get scared, because they don't want conflict and war to happen. Alma tells them all to trust in the Lord, that if they remembered Him, then He would deliver them. Verse 28 says

"Therefore they hushed their fears, and began to cry unto the Lord that he would soften the hearts of the Lamanites, that they would spare them, and their wives and their children."

Then alma and his people deliver themselves up to the Lamanites, and they're taken into bondage, but in the next chapter, God helps strengthen them and makes it so that their burdens are light.

From this we can learn that we must always turn to and trust in the Lord. And even when we do that, hard trials will still come our way, it's hard to accept, but life just won't be perfect. But if we continue to trust in the Lord then he will make our trials lighter and he will deliver us out of them!

Remember to trust in God. Always. Don't give up if you feel like you can't hear him. I promise you he is there!


- Sister Emma Hansen

1. Two other sister Hansens (': 
2 & 3.  Hermana Judkins & Sister Hansen
4. Pray for all of them. They've all been my companion.

Friday, October 27, 2017


Date: 10-23-2017
Companion: Hermana Judkins
Area: Vancouver East Stake, Fairway Village Ward


We had transfers this week! I'm with Hermana Judkins! She was called Spanish speaking. So we actually taught a lesson in Spanish the other day. It was super cool! I could still feel the spirit even though I just sat there smiling and had no idea what was going on. Haha

Something I studied this week that I thought was super cool. When the Savior is able to feed the 5 thousand with 5 loaves and 2 fish. But what I thought was cool was what the disciples did in order for this miracle to happen. I was reading the institute manual while studying this.
  1. Jesus Christ gives a commandment that the disciples cannot accomplish. He tells them to feed the 5 thousand! They can't do it. They don't have the means to! 
  2. Jesus Christ asks the disciples what is everything that they can do for the situation. 
  3. Then He asked them to bring all that they could.
  4. They gave Him everything that they had.
  5. The Savior took all that they had and performed a miracle with it. 
I LOVE THIS, this is a literally a map of what we can do in order to see miracles in our lives. Sometimes it's really hard because we have to give God everything, and work hard for it, but that's when the miracles come. When we come to Him in sincere desire, give him everything, and then turn it over to him!

- Sister Emma Hansen

Monday, October 16, 2017


Date: 10-16-2017
Companion: Sister Townsend
Area: Vancouver East Stake, Fairway Village Ward

Oh hey.

  • Did it finally pour this week? 
  • Did I get up at 4:50am to go to a waterfall this morning? 
  • Did I study 2 Nephi 31-32 This week? 
  • Did I find out that God loves each and every one of us? 
  • Did I get bit 6 times by a little boy dressed up as captain America? 
  • Did I have waffles with sister Schott? 
  • Did I almost throw up while biking this week? 
  • Am I biking when I'm probably not supposed to because of a concussion? 
  • Am I going to the temple tomorrow? 
  • Am I praying Meng will want to be baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? 
  • Does my brother need to rethink his haircut? 
  • Did I just have to say goodbye to one of my best friends from the mission? 
  • Does God bless each and every single one of us, even if sometimes we can't see those blessings? 
  • Do trials come our way? 
  • Do we need to stick it out when these trials come and keep believing in God? 
Will you remember to ☀️FIND JOY☀️?

Monday, October 9, 2017


Date: 10-09-2017
Companion: Sister Townsend
Area: Vancouver East Stake, Fairway Village Ward

Hello everyone! I'm still just on a spiritual high from conference last week! Especially after being able to study the talks when they finally came out on SO GOOD.

Let me share one of my favorite quotes from Elder Hallstrom's talk

"A critical question to ponder is “Where do we place our faith?” Is our faith focused on simply wanting to be relieved of pain and suffering, or is it firmly centered on God the Father and His holy plan and in Jesus the Christ and His Atonement? Faith in the Father and the Son allows us to understand and accept Their will as we prepare for eternity."

Sometimes God's will is different than ours. Sometimes His will is harder than ours. Sometimes we don't understand His will for us. Sometimes we won't know why something has happened to us, or someone we love. But what we can know is that God does have a will for us, and that His plan for us is better than any plan we could even fathom. Your ultimate happy place, is nothing compared to what God has in store for you. And sometimes that's hard to imagine because we might not see it in this life. Because this earth life is the life of learning and growing. But when we endure our trials, and have the faith to know that our trials are part of God's plan for us, we can endure it well and eventually receive our ultimate joy in the celestial kingdom with Him forever!

Some fun things that happened this week:

  • Monday: I got a concussion. So no driving or biking for meeeeee 
  • Tuesday: we had a lesson with an former pastor and we were able to teach him about the Book of Mormon and how it's another testament. He said he would read it. His name is Roger. Please pray for him! 
  • Wednesday: we had dinner with the Potts family and heard some legit quotes "if you live in the past then you have issues, and then you need tissues" (I cry from laughing so hard every time we're there). 
  • Thursday: we worked at a compost farm. Later that night we had a BOMB lesson with Meng and she's praying about what church to be baptized into. Please please please pray for her, that as she reads the Book of Mormon she will know this is Christ's restored church on the earth. 
  • Friday: we made 48 cupcakes for an elder whose birthday was the next day 
  • Saturday: we had a sisters breakfast and took some fun pictures while there 
  • Sunday: we dropped some cookies off with Sister Schott and I just love her so much. I'm grateful for her and all she does for us. 
Remember to ☀️FIND JOY☀️
-Sister Emma Hansen

1. Monday
2. Lake Village Homies aka. The district
3. Cupcakes
4. Sisters Breakfast
5. Sister Schott is one of my favorite people, I love her too much