Monday, October 16, 2017


Date: 10-16-2017
Companion: Sister Townsend
Area: Vancouver East Stake, Fairway Village Ward

Oh hey.

  • Did it finally pour this week? 
  • Did I get up at 4:50am to go to a waterfall this morning? 
  • Did I study 2 Nephi 31-32 This week? 
  • Did I find out that God loves each and every one of us? 
  • Did I get bit 6 times by a little boy dressed up as captain America? 
  • Did I have waffles with sister Schott? 
  • Did I almost throw up while biking this week? 
  • Am I biking when I'm probably not supposed to because of a concussion? 
  • Am I going to the temple tomorrow? 
  • Am I praying Meng will want to be baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? 
  • Does my brother need to rethink his haircut? 
  • Did I just have to say goodbye to one of my best friends from the mission? 
  • Does God bless each and every single one of us, even if sometimes we can't see those blessings? 
  • Do trials come our way? 
  • Do we need to stick it out when these trials come and keep believing in God? 
Will you remember to ☀️FIND JOY☀️?

Monday, October 9, 2017


Date: 10-09-2017
Companion: Sister Townsend
Area: Vancouver East Stake, Fairway Village Ward

Hello everyone! I'm still just on a spiritual high from conference last week! Especially after being able to study the talks when they finally came out on SO GOOD.

Let me share one of my favorite quotes from Elder Hallstrom's talk

"A critical question to ponder is “Where do we place our faith?” Is our faith focused on simply wanting to be relieved of pain and suffering, or is it firmly centered on God the Father and His holy plan and in Jesus the Christ and His Atonement? Faith in the Father and the Son allows us to understand and accept Their will as we prepare for eternity."

Sometimes God's will is different than ours. Sometimes His will is harder than ours. Sometimes we don't understand His will for us. Sometimes we won't know why something has happened to us, or someone we love. But what we can know is that God does have a will for us, and that His plan for us is better than any plan we could even fathom. Your ultimate happy place, is nothing compared to what God has in store for you. And sometimes that's hard to imagine because we might not see it in this life. Because this earth life is the life of learning and growing. But when we endure our trials, and have the faith to know that our trials are part of God's plan for us, we can endure it well and eventually receive our ultimate joy in the celestial kingdom with Him forever!

Some fun things that happened this week:

  • Monday: I got a concussion. So no driving or biking for meeeeee 
  • Tuesday: we had a lesson with an former pastor and we were able to teach him about the Book of Mormon and how it's another testament. He said he would read it. His name is Roger. Please pray for him! 
  • Wednesday: we had dinner with the Potts family and heard some legit quotes "if you live in the past then you have issues, and then you need tissues" (I cry from laughing so hard every time we're there). 
  • Thursday: we worked at a compost farm. Later that night we had a BOMB lesson with Meng and she's praying about what church to be baptized into. Please please please pray for her, that as she reads the Book of Mormon she will know this is Christ's restored church on the earth. 
  • Friday: we made 48 cupcakes for an elder whose birthday was the next day 
  • Saturday: we had a sisters breakfast and took some fun pictures while there 
  • Sunday: we dropped some cookies off with Sister Schott and I just love her so much. I'm grateful for her and all she does for us. 
Remember to ☀️FIND JOY☀️
-Sister Emma Hansen

1. Monday
2. Lake Village Homies aka. The district
3. Cupcakes
4. Sisters Breakfast
5. Sister Schott is one of my favorite people, I love her too much

Monday, October 2, 2017

Oh no, October 1st and the scary stuff happens.

Date: 10-02-2017
Companion: Sister Townsend
Area: Vancouver East Stake, Fairway Village Ward

Holy. Cow. That's all I can say right now.


Honestly, I really needed this conference in my life. Please please please, I'm begging you, if you didn't watch it, go back and watch it now.

Elder Hallstrom gave a great talk that put a lot in perspective for me. What I got out of it was to endure. We hear that all the time, but he said it in a different way that I'd never heard before. Lots of times when I go through a trial, all I can think is "how can I fix this? How can I go back to being comfortable?" But elder Hallstrom talked about having the faith to not be comfortable physically all the time, because maybe our spirits need more healing. It was just so good. It changed so much for me. I've been going through all of my trials, knowing I could learn something from them, but expecting to be comfortable after them. But he challenged us to have the faith to go through life doing God's will. And sometimes that means being uncomfortable physically.

Have the faith to be physically uncomfortable because you know it will help you spiritually.


Elder Holland's talk was also amazing. A song that I find myself singing a lot is "I'm trying to be like Jesus" but I'm also over critical and too hard on myself. Elder Holland talks about how if were trying to be like Jesus we would not make ourselves feel this week. Because Jesus Christ would never make someone feel this way. So why should we do it to ourselves. SO EMPOWRING I LOVE IT.

We scared the heck out of sister Adams and Burton last night because the stls let us in through their window so the other sisters has no idea we were in the apartment and holy cow.
"Oh no. October 1st and the scary stuff happens" - sister Adams when she thought her apartment was haunted.

This week has been a wild one. Basically sister Townsend has been a little under the weather and by that I mean she's on her deathbed. So we've been trying to take it easy while still doing work. But now I'm starting to get sick. I can't hear out of my left ear and my throat is on fire, my head has also exploded. Updates to come next week.

We were able to find a new investigator named Bailey. She wasn't raised with religion in her life. But she said we could come back and I'm excited to teach her. Please pray for her that she will be there and will be willing to listen to the message of the restored gospel. That Jesus Christ lives. That we have prophets on the earth today. That God loves us, and still speaks with us. That He is a God of miracles.

Remember to


-Sister Emma Hansen

1. There's another sister Hansen in the mission. She's legit.
2. Sister miles went to my high school. Anyone know Morgan?
3. Had dinner with sister Schott. I love her too much
4. <3

Monday, September 25, 2017

"Hashtag" PoundItForJesus

Date: 09-25-2017
Companion: Sister Townsend
Area: Vancouver East Stake, Fairway Village Ward

Hello hello everyone! Honestly not much to report on this week!

EXCEPT THE WOMEN'S CONFERENCE. HOLY. DANG. COW. So good. If you didn't get a chance to watch it, please go to - womensconference and go watch it. So good.

In zone conference this week: "Pound it for Jesus"

I've been thinking a lot this week about growing and changing. An elder have his departing testimony and said that our testimonies are like muscles. And when a muscles grows, it has to be broken down first. And that's what has to happen to us.

This is Sometimes really hard to accept and I think when we actually recognize it, it only gets harder. So I don't have anything profound. But just keep going. Don't lose sight of God. Always turn to Him. Even when it seems like he's not there. He always is. And it might be hard to see him, but that doesn't mean you turn away from him. If you're drowning and seeking so desperately for air, it doesn't mean you just turn and breathe in water just because you can't get the air. You fight for it. And you fight for it until you get it again and you can breathe.

I'm so excited for general conference this weekend. If you don't know what general conference is, then reply to someone one this list, and they'll let you know.

I know we have prophets and apostles on the earth today who help guide us to our father in Heaven and tell us where God wants us to be. When listening to conference write down a question. And don't write down exactly what the person speaking says. Write down what God tells you in your heart.

I love you all so much! Remember to

- Sister Emma Hansen

1. Sister Hansen & Sydney Staker (Emma's trainer)
2. & 3. Sister Hansen & Sister Townsend

Monday, September 18, 2017

Rock Bottom

Date: 09-18-2017
Companion: Sister Townsend
Area: Vancouver East Stake, Fairway Village Ward

I'm just diving right into this week, no greeting or nothing, someone hold me back. (This emails probably gonna be long, but it's not like any of y'all read it anyway so what do you care)

Four temple trips this week turned into two temple trips. And even though it's still a blessing that we got to go to the Temple two times this week, sister Townsend and I bit it hard when the other two appointments canceled. Its incredible how much Satan will work on people to make sure they don't gain a testimony.

Tuesday we went with and investigator named Meng. She was incredible. The missionaries there mentioned baptism with her and she said she knew everything we'd taught her was true and it all just felt right to her and that she wanted to be baptized, but she wants to wait for her husband. So if y'all could pray for Meng (Mo) and Josh, we'd really appreciate that.

So this week has been a pretty rough week. I take it back. This past 2 MONTHS have been crazy. The week before last, it looked like things were turning around. Until this week hit and then BAM. Someone might as well have ran us over, backed over us, did some donuts in the parking lot on us, and then just as we were getting up, they told their friends to come back and do the same thing. 4 times. (If you can't tell, I'm pretty dramatic. Maybe one day I can change that..)

During personal study this week, I somehow had the time to study 8 thousand different things. I guess Gods hand is in all things?(': I studied the talk "Approaching the Throne of God with Confidence" by Elder Jörg Klebinga from the October 2014 General Conference. If you don't know or don't remember what this talk is please go read it. Actually no. Even if you know what this talk is. Please go read it. I'll wait........ okay. Guys. This talk. Is. Incredible.

Elder Klebinga talks about the tactics Satan will employ in order to make your faith in God diminish. When we refuse to over look the miracles we've seen, when we refuse to question if God is there because we have that testimony, Satan tries something else. He tells us God is not pleased with us. He tells us that God is mad at us. And when we have these thoughts, no matter how much faith we have that Jesus Christ can do all things, the doubt will be there. Because of this our faith begins to diminish. We become unmotivated, and Satan wins. Elder Klebinga goes into many different ways we can overcome these lies Satan tells us. He talks about spiritual and physical well being, obedience, repenting, forgiving, and accepting trials and setbacks. SO GOOD. PLEASE READ.

I also read Matthew chapter 9. In this chapter Jesus Christ is performing many miracles, and the Pharisees are there criticizing every single thing He does. At one point, Jesus Christ sits down with a group of sinners. The Pharisees get mad and ask Him why He does this. In verse 12 He says "they that be whole need not a physician, but they that are sick."

Last thing I studied that I will talk about is 2 Nephi 9. In this chapter Jacob is preaching to the nephites. He tells them of the atonement and what it means for all of us. He tells them to come to Christ. To not waste their efforts or energy on things that don't matter. Verse 51 says "Wherefore, do not spend money for that which is of no worth, nor your labor for that which cannot satisfy..." later in verse 52 he says "let your hearts rejoice."

SO WHAT DOES ALL OF THIS MEAN. Well it's different for everyone. Everyone is at a different point in their lives and needs to hear something different from God. For me, this talk told me that Satan is a tricky, slipper snake. And that I can't let him get to me the way he has been lately. That God is never angry with His children. Its not in His nature. Sure there are things we could be doing that would please Him. But He will never hate us. Matthew 9 told me that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ don't abandon their children/brothers and sisters. But that I have the tools already to know how to heal myself and lift myself up. That Christ is ministering to those who haven't received a witness already. And that's okay. 2 Nephi 9 told me that I need to not focus on things that don't matter. I can't afford to waste my energy on the things that don't matter right now. I'm not going to be able to get every thing done that I think should be done. So i need to focus on the most important things. And that when i work hard I need to rejoice in my efforts. I need to be continually pushing myself to do better, but that doesn't mean getting down on myself about the things I wasn't able to get done, but rejoicing over the good that I was able to do.

Sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom before you realize who your rock is. Jesus Christ is my rock. My Savior. My Redeemer. My Healer. I know through Him, I can be healed and brought to my full potential. But that it'll take work on my part. I know that trials will come my way, but like I've said in the past, it's because of these trials that I will reach that potential. Don't ever let a trial go by without learning something from it. Don't go through the hardship and the pain for nothing. Grow from it. I know Heavenly Father doesn't put us through these things for fun, that's also not in His nature. God loves us and only wants to help us. Remember that He knows what's best for us, and not heeding to his work immediately, will only make it harder for us in the long run. God tells us the things he needs us to hear, when he needs us to hear them. So act on them immediately.

I love this Gospel. I know it has been restored through the prophet, Joseph Smith. I know that God is listening and hears us. I know that we will return to Him one day when we take the necessary steps and make promises with him. He loves me. He loves you. Don't forget it. Don't let Satan win.


- Sister Emma Hansen

1&2. The zone leaders needed our car for a day so we told them to give us their bikes for the day. #NoRagrets

3&4. Temple  (':


6. @Sydney Staker: there was another frog in our house(':

Monday, September 11, 2017

You get to go to them temple, you get to go to the Temple, everyone gets to go to the Temple!

Date: 09-11-2017
Companion: Sister Townsend
Area: Vancouver East Stake, Fairway Village Ward

You get to go to them temple, you get to go to the Temple, everyone gets to go to the Temple! (Ask me how many times I'm going to make that joke for my email subjects.)

oh hey what's up fam?

Turns out sister Townsend and I are the same person. So this whole area is either extremely blessed, or doomed for destruction. I'm going to go with the latter, but we'll pray for the best.

No just kidding, we've been able to have a way good week this week. So we're back to a car share, which means the bike life for life, which makes me cry internally every time we have to go somewhere, but it's also good and makes us work smarter, so I guess it's a good thing....

This week we have scheduled 4 temple trips! Holy cow! And then yesterday in church the entire day happened to be about temples and wow it was so good! Even just talking about going to the temple I can feel the spirit more. It's made me realize how lucky I am to have the knowledge of temples and what blessings they can be for our families.

We're teaching a woman named Meng (pronounced Mo) and previously, she didn't have a knowledge of God. We were able to invite her to the Temple with us next week, and as we sat and testified of families while her family was sitting with her the spirit was so strong. It told me what I want for my future family and what I need to be doing in order to prepare for that.

I know that families can be together forever when we are living worthy of the promises that we can make with our father in Heaven. I know that it's because of our families that we can live happily for eternity. I know that because of temples we can be with our families forever. I know that temples will bring us eternal happiness. If you haven't gone to the Temple recently, go to the temple, even if it's just to stand on the grounds.


-Sister Emma Hansen

1. Pals
2. End of the Lake Village Homies )':
3. Sister Townsend and I
4. I have to stick popsicle sticks in my mouth for my jaw. Lols
5. Me and Sister Townsend

Monday, September 4, 2017

WALNUTTY GROOVY PART 47839387474 sorry I just love it.

Date: 09-04-2017
Companion: Sister Vanderplas
Area: Vancouver East Stake, Fairway Village Ward

Dear friends and loved Ones,

This week we spent Tuesday through Saturday at the STL`s and Lakeridge Sisters Apartment. Sister Schott had a lot of company due to a wedding this weekend. The wedding was for Molly Finn who served her mission in the WVM.   

We had a fun week in the apartment except I missed my wonderful bed at Sister Schott's house. Tuesday we helped some people move in the Forest Home Ward. We worked all morning then had lunch and then worked till 3. We had dinner at the Bishops. They are hilarious! I just laughed all through dinner. They are the BEST I love them so MUCH! 

Then on Wednesday we had District meeting. I LOVE district meeting so much. I am so inspired after these meetings. I learned the importance of prayer and having that personal revelation that God is there and he is listening and cares about me! Even if you have that revelation that He is there He will witness to you again and again, we just need to ask. 

Later that night we went to see the President. It was great to visit with him! We met with the Ward Young Women later that night and helped them with their personal progress it was fun to be with them and learn more about each of them in a deeper more meaningful way. 

Then Thursday we served at the worm farm. Always fun but we stink when we are done. Thursday and Friday we had exchanges with the STL`s, best part of the day was when I saw Michael! WOOP WOOP WOOP!!!! The stls work in the YSA (young single adults) ward and michael is now in YSA. He was my first convert back in Walnutty Groovey! He came to sand volleyball and I was able to talk with him for a little bit. It was way fun to see him again and he's doing fantastic! We also got to go to dinner at the Bowers house. They were in Walnut Grove as well. I love everyone from Walnut Grove! 

Friday we helped Sister Schott set up for the wedding. We didn't get to stay long because we went to the Temple with an investigator from the YSA ward. Standing outside of the temple was so amazing and the spirit is always strong and I love it so much. The Portland temple is so beautiful and I love it lots! 

Saturday happened and then there was transfer news. I am so glad I get to stay in Fairway Village and I don't feel like my work here is done. Sunday's are always great. The Ells came to church we were happy to see them. They are coming more regularly. This is great to see. We need to figure out a time we can see them as one works graveyard and the other works during the day. We will get it worked out. 

Then we had a really good dinner at the Lovato's. And the biggest thing that happened this week happened at dinner that night. We sat down and I saw it. It was glowing. The Mac and Cheese it was glorious. Truly a work of art. I felt Gods spirit as I indulged myself on the magnificent dish. 

Well this is all I have today. I love you all and miss you but I know this is where I need to be at this time in my life I am learning so much about myself, the Gospel, and I am drawing nearer to my Savior and Heavenly Father daily. Study, prayer and continual searching the scriptures is key to grow ones testimonies. I know my Heavenly Father loves me and is supporting me through all my trials as I do my best to serve the people in the WVM.

Till next week.....over and out.

Love you all,
Sister Emma Hansen

Hahah lolz. Okay to be honest, that was sister Schott. And me writing a little bit. If y'all can guess what part I wrote I will give you 2 quarters.

Anyway. Most of what she said is basically what happened. I want to expound on a couple of things though.
District meeting: holy cow. We talked about the role of prayer in someone's conversion and why it's important for someone to pray. We did a role play and this was a really cool experience for me. I was the investigator in this role play and sister O'very and Adams were the missionaries. Basically, what ended up happening is they got me to pray, and imagine God was standing before me, and they asked me to ask Him if he was there for me. And let me just say, I already had this witness that God was there for me, but doing this, I felt the spirit so strong and it was incredible to feel His love for me.

Michael: we went on a two day exchange with the stls and I was in the YSA ward the entire time. Getting to see Michael was such a tender mercy. He talked about going on a mission and how he was excited to serve. I also got to see the Tellez family and holy cow I love them all so much.

Temple trip: the Temple is the best place in the world. If you ever need time to just feel some calm and peace, go stand on the Temple grounds.

Transfers: my little girl is being transferred! She's too good for the training life. She's moving on to bigger and better things. But sister Townsend is coming here to Fairway Village! I'm excited to work with her. she's fantastic and I love her!

Mac and cheese: glorious. Nuff said.

A cool experience that I had this morning was reading the talk "of things that matter most" by Elder Utchdorf in October 2010 general conference. He talks about how some people move at a fast pace when they're going through turbulence and don't feel as though they're doing enough. He talks about simplifying. It is through the basic principles of the gospel that we can overcome anything. When we over complicate something, that's when we experience turbulence and our ultimate downfall. Focusing on the basics is what will help is grow and become more Christ like. Focusing on Christ. On his love. And what that means for us. That's what I challenge all of you to focus on this week. Stop with all the chaos and the madness. Focus on Christ for one second, and go from there. Get down on your knees. Imagine God standing face to face with you, and ask Him if he's there for you. Write me an email and tell me how you feel after.

I know this gospel is true. I know Jesus is my Savior and Redeemer. Without him, I am nothing. But with Him, I can be the instrument that He needs me to be. He will calm and help anyone through anything they need. I'm grateful I have this knowledge and I get to share it with others. Let us all realize how fortunate we are to have this knowledge and realize how fortunate our friends could be if only we would share this knowledge with them. It might be the only time they hear something so true.

Sorry this email was so long! But remember to
- Sister Emma Hansen